The Hidden Danger of Attachment Parenting

Sleep deprived? It's for the best. Feeling touched out? Just par for the course. Stifled, depressed and lonely? This too shall pass.


10 Things my Kids do that Drive me Crazy (that I also do myself…)

Wait until the very final moment before announcing they need to pee It was this that planted the seed for this blog post in my mind, when I almost wet myself after waiting until the end of a film before making the necessary trip. I realised, actually, I do that all the time. If three decades... Continue Reading →

After Years of Pregnancy & Breastfeeding, Who Do You Become?

When body image is discussed alongside the subjects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it tends to appear the context of the woman's feelings about her changing body and the impact that her altered body image might have upon the breastfeeding journey. Rarely, if ever, do I hear the next bit taken into consideration. When a woman has... Continue Reading →

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